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“Good morning, everyone! What a beautiful day!”

Ever the early riser, Jazz sang as she zipped across the forest, a smudge of blue going by. It She was especially cheery. It was her favorite season and the beginning of what was usually his headache. Last spring, Jazz sang and sang and sang until she was hoarse. She sang the most and the loudest out of her family. He didn’t have anything against her. In fact, he liked to hear her sing but he liked to sing too like every bird he knew. His songs weren’t nearly as loud or intricate but he had the urge to sing just the same.

Every other spring, he would just sit back and listen to Jazz but this season would be different, he decided. He was going to take a chance. The sun gave him a renewed energy. He was nervous and yet excited. He flew to find Jazz. He had to capitalize on what could be a new opportunity.

“Hey Jazz, happy spring. You have such a great voice.”

“Thank you so much Ren! That means a lot.”

“I was wondering…could I sing with you?”

Jazz thought on it. “A Jazz and Ren collaboration? That sounds cool! I’m betting this forest has never heard anything like it. Let’s do it!”

And just like that, Ren found himself with a brand new determination and lease on life.

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