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“Yes!” It was finally time and Jazz was elated. The sun shined on her and actually warmed her feathers. There was no more snow on the ground. “Yes!” She chirped again. She stretched her bright blue wings out wide and took in a deep breath. Immediately, she started to sing. Singing was her passion but it seemed like such a struggle during the winter. She was all too happy to shake off that winter sleepiness.

She took flight, wanting her voice to be the harbinger of spring. “Good morning everyone!” She chirped between her songs. “What a beautiful day!” She flew around for quite a bit, chirping and singing before landing back in her home tree. Almost the entire forest heard her. Just the way she liked it.

“Good morning, Jazz,” her family greeted her once she was back. Jazz loved seeing the mesh of blue and black that was her family all together. Gorgeous. Springtime put her in the best spirit. It was a new season, a new attitude and a time to start singing her new songs.

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