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“Thank goodness for Jazz and her singing.” Selene could feel that it was a new season. Although she was a little more low-key, she was excited too. It was finally time for her to come back out, lose the little bit of winter weight she had put on, and be active again. She loved stretching her legs, running places and climbing every tree around. And, yes, mostly it was in the name of food but also just because she enjoyed it. She never just slowly walked anywhere. She had a hustle to keep up with. She liked to spread her wealth which was anything she found.

She left her tree for the first time in a while and surveyed the open forest in front of her. She was so caught up, checking the trees for food and supplies that she nearly got trampled by a beautiful brown deer. She was shorter than her but even she could tell the deer had her nose turned up. Instead of mentally cursing her out and forgetting her, she called out to the deer. She had an idea.

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